Audio mixing is the art of taking different channels of audio recordings and combining them together with the goal of making one single, cohesive, stereo (or multi-channel) performance or recording.
Mastering is the process of taking a completed audio mix and processing it so that it achieves the overall balance and loudness of comparable commercial recordings and publications in the genre.
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Professional Audio Mixing and Mastering Services

Bring Your Recording or Production To The Next Level


Are you tired of working so hard on your recordings only to be completely overwhelmed by mixing it all together? Working with a team of trained technicians can help you focus on what you do best: Making Your Music! We have partnered with independent producers & artists, recording & mixing engineers, independent & major labels, theater & charity projects and so many more to help create professional, responsive and successful support for all types of audio recording, mixing and mastering services.

Let us take the stress away from the complicated process of mixing all of your recorded, produced and synthesized sounds into one single cohesive presentation that is both exactly what you wanted to hear while also staying competitive with other recordings in your genre. Give yourself the opportunity to allow our experienced hands to take your tracks to the next level with our expertly trained and time-tested techniques which have produced popular, current and chart driving productions throughout the industry.

Let Our Decades of Experience Go To Work For You

Cb Media has decades of experience working with and producing in all types of popular genres, particularly in the electronic and acoustic/classical music domains. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to our clients and by giving our customers exactly what they would like to hear. Is your recording or production lacking that special “something” to help it compete with your favorite artists? Are you having trouble reaching a competitive volume for your genre without loosing your original sound design? Tired of hopping from one sound engineer to the next? We understand your frustration and we can help.

Give Yourself A Rest With Our Expert Audio Services

You’ve worked hard on every second of your recording, give yourself a break, take the worry and stress out of the rest of the process while also bringing in a fresh set of experienced ears to help you get every subtle expression presented accurately and with a high quality and competitive overall balance.

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