Current Rates


We have been in this business for a long time and over the years our rates have been adjusted to help us maintain our services to the best of our ability for all of our clientele. We know you have a budget for your project and as a special effort to help our clients stay on pace with their expectations we have a special deal where our clients can lock in their rates for life! You read that right, the amount you pay us the first time is the amount you pay us every time, no questions asked. If these published rates are different that what you paid for your last project just send us a message and we will adjust your rates accordingly.

Our current studio rates are as follows:

$75 – Mastering Processing For One Recording or Production (up to 10 versions)

Average turnaround = 24-48 hours per track, up to 10 track versions
Average turnaround = 48-72 hours per track, 10+ track versions
We also provide discounts for bulk processing on 3 or more projects so if you have a group of tracks or an entire album that needs work then we can accommodate you and bring the cost down. Just contact us and let us know the details of your project and we will respond to you ASAP with a bulk quote.

**Please note, all bulk quotes must be paid up front and in full to receive the discounted rates.

Ready To Send Your Single Track Project & Payment?

If you are ready to get started on a project for a single recording or production that requires professional mastering processing then please go ahead and send your payment via PayPal as listed above for your desired services as well as all related files to the following email address: “” and we will get started on your project ASAP!


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