“I have always relied on getting the most out of a single take, and in collaborating with engineer/producer Chris Mahle (Cb Media) I was able to take serious confidence in the judgment of the person behind the controls and pay closer attention to my performance. Chris has an understanding of ambient and downtempo music, not to mention the full range of what can be committed to tape (or hard drive in modern terms). I only needed to provide myself and two amps, and Mr. Mahle isolated the speakers, miked them appropriately, and applied good judgment when mixing and processing the final result.”

-Tim Hicks

“Christopher Mahle is a super sonic saint. An absolute professional in the studio, he brings a contagious aura of positive creativity to the project.  Not to mention his deep rooted understanding of all things musical.  He’s a real musician’s musician, as well as a guiding creative force.  His production never smothers, instead he further develops an individual’s musical intentions.  In the end, the results really sing for themselves.  It’s why I tell everyone what I have now come to believe as a fact.  The man has sound waves racing along the linings of the inner grooves on his brain.”

-Jarl Sonkin

“Chris Mahle is kind, patient, and skilled at his craft… creates a comfortable studio environment which is very conducive to creativity… gives attention to all aspects of the recording process, and works to achieve a full sounding, full feeling, recording which is expressive of the artist he is working with, rather than focusing only on getting quality sounds (which he certainly gets as well). Working with him is a collaborative experience… he knows his instruments, and is open to trying different ideas until the right arrangement is discovered. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with him…”

-Travis Travisnt

“Chris is an extremely patient and understanding person to work with; a stark and refreshing contrast to other engineers. He has a keen knowledge and skill of the technology but more importantly of the overall point of the process. He has his own ideas and ability to flex his creativity for the benefit of the project while at the same time remaining dedicated to the artist’s vision, and very easy for all the musicians involved to communicate with. It takes a special breed to make people feel comfortable in a recording studio on top of delivering excellent end results. He’s a pleasure to work with.”

-Brady Newbill

“Working with Chris was a pleasure. He is extremely accommodating, making sure that the artist achieves their desired sound. He has the exact right attitude: friendly, patient, and offers guidance if needed. I was impressed by his professionalism, as he made sure to follow up with me and make sure the mastered track was what I wanted. His welcoming demeanor and musical expertise made the recording process fun instead of tedious. I’m very happy with my recording experience at CB Media, Chris’s post-production efforts, and of course, the finished product. I’d recommend his services to anybody!”

-Amy Shaw

“Chris is a very effective studio engineer that pays great attention to detail and knows the recording process up and down. He works with excellent gear, knows how to tweak sounds in post to get what you are looking for, and how to get the overall mix you’re looking for. He is easy to work with, and has a chill patient personality that won’t make you feel rushed when you’re working on a project. He produces content at a very high level.”

-Evan Rowe

“Working with Chris Mahle was great from the start. He was very pleasant and welcoming upon introduction and carried this over into the studio… he expertly engineered the mic setup for my drums… set everything up with great care and confidence. While in post-production, he took his time to make sure we were satisfied with our sound and our many instrument and vocal takes… When it was all finished, it sounded as if there was lots of time, precision, and care taken in its rendering. All in all, it was awesome working with Chris Mahle. I was very impressed with his ability and character and wish to keep him for myself. I don’t want to share him with anybody.”

-Vito Pelikan

“Working with Chris on our record has been a humbling experience.  He is a genius and a wizard!  He has been extremely professional, patient, and thorough through the entire recording process, from micing to mixing… It’s always a little bit intimidating to record because you have to trust someone to treat your music right, but it has been so fun and easy working with Chris… (He has a) deep passion for music that (made it) easy to trust him with the recording.  We experimented with a bunch of different ideas…different kinds of percussion, micing, effects, harmonies, samples, etc… He really put a lot of energy into capturing our artistic vision and our songs came out sounding AMAZING!  I wouldn’t have wanted our songs in anyone else’s hands.”

– Ryan Sullivan

“Working with Chris is a wonderful experience: His character and his professionalism make the process very enjoyable… He is very knowledgeable and always gives us different versions of a song, different alternatives, which is very helpful. His versatility in terms of sound engineering allowed us to experiment in multiple ways… Good Character, highly knowledgeable, and cutting edge technology makes of Chris Mahle an incomparable professional. We hope to work with him again.”

– Erick Estevanell

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