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Mastering is the process of taking a completed audio mix and processing it so that it achieves the overall balance and loudness of comparable commercial recordings and publications in the respective genre or niche. There many different tools that are used to complete this final stage before publication and the history of what is known as “the black art” of mastering has passed down from many interesting beginnings to become what it is known as popularly today.

A Final Proof Check Before Print

Originally, there were very little to no differences between most of the high level technology related assignments that had to be accomplished in a recording studio; producers and engineers, interns and technicians were most likely all the same few people back in those days. Everyone worked as hard as they could to get it all done and it was a lot more involved and difficult that modern technology affords us currently… and it is still quite amazing what some people were able to produce and capture in their time; a truly great performance knows no time, it has no age, it is endearingly perfect.

Often, after all is done and the recording is completed and ready to go off to be printed there is one last person who has the ability to place some final touches on the overall balance and presentation. Originally, most of the edits that were made at this point were minimal, just like they can be today (program dependent). It is not a time for huge sweeping changes, it is a place where small efforts stack up to make for big rewards, our engineers must have extreme patience and pay attention to minute details.

A Rich History Of Technical Expertise

This rich history of overseeing engineers placing final adjustments on these records grew into a special necessity as some individuals appeared to produce better overall recordings than others and it was all to do with these final touches. Eventually people became known for what they were doing and a legacy of what we now call the field of Audio Mastering was born. Today we are the final checks, the error buffers, and the great equalizers or program material; the keepers of the gates if you will!

  • Are you missing that last final polish on your recording or production?
  • Do you need to find a way to make your recording better compete with other recordings in your genre or niche??
  • Not able to reach the overall balance or loudness you would like to hear or hear in other recordings???
  • Looking for that analog warmth to get rid of your digit-itus????

We have a long history of mastering various types of audio recordings across multiple genres; take the stress out of your production process, get a final master that hits the right way in all the right places and push it out the world with full confidence and support from the professionals at Cb Media!


Average turnaround = 24-48 hours per track, up to 10 track versions
Average turnaround = 48-72 hours per track, 10+ track versions

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