About Us

Extensive Experience & Expertise Across The Board

Cb Media is a pre and post-production music studio with state of the art audio technology founded in 2004 by Christopher Mahle. As a trained classical pianist, Chris is particularly attentive to a range of musical styles and soundscapes. He has recorded Early Music ensembles, percussion groups, opera companies, various types of popular music and an eclectic assemblage of electronic, dance and performance pieces. He has also written many works, especially in the field of electronica. Chris Mahle brings commitment, technical expertise, a diverse musical background and refreshing originality to all of his projects. Cb Media’s approach is to discover the perfect voice for your recording or production.

Understanding Our Clients Needs

We’re tired of seeing high ticket studios putting out lack-luster material and charging hard working, independent artist much more than they can afford. Our mission is to provide top level professional studio mixing and mastering services at fixed price points that are affordable, so you know exactly what the cost is going to be right up front. No hidden charges, no extra fees and no BS! Guaranteed!! For example, we will not up-charge you for things like additional changes to your mix or replacing a few stem files with updated performances or nuances you believe will make the end product absolutely perfect.

Flexible & Reliable Audio Services

We pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible and work with clients on their budget and on their time… we will not settle unless our clients are satisfied with the results and take every available action to both meet and exceed expectations wherever possible. If you are not satisfied we will reprocess your mix or master until you are perfectly happy or provide a full and complete refund immediately.

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