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Audio mixing is the art of taking different channels of audio recordings and combining them together with the goal of making one single, cohesive, stereo (or multi-channel) performance or recording. We’ve all been there, on the tail end of a one of the best recording or production sessions you’ve ever had and after putting all of your guts and glory into every nanosecond what you are left with is a complicated and eclectic group of tracks and wave files staring back at you begging to be completed… but you’re all spent.

Do What You Do Best And Let Us Take Care Of The Rest

Not only have you put all you can into your music but now you have to somehow disassociate from that creative process and shake out the dust and now jump into your mixing engineer pants; and well folks, that can be one too many pants for a person to wear! We believe creativity is best left to the creatives and complicated detailed tasks like mixing and mastering are in themselves their own rich and mysterious art forms. These processes can be so complex that it can be certainly overwhelming and more so, keep you from doing what you do best, making your voice heard. Tired of mixing and mixing and mixing until you almost reach that perfect sound? Relax and take the stress out of the process by letting us do the work for you.

Extensively Experienced & Professional Perspective

By bringing in a second set of experienced ears you can have the benefit of getting a new perspective on your audio and this new perspective can find problems and issues from a equal standpoint across all recordings in your genre. With extensive expertise we can help your sound fit into your respective genre and even reach the heights of your dreams and aspirations; If you’re tired of trying to do it all yourself and would like a professional and experienced engineer and producer as your advocate then contact us today.


Average turnaround = 48-72 hours per track, up to 100 stem files
Average turnaround = 72-96 hours per track, 100+ stem files


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